About me

Hello! I am a physical oceanographer who uses observational data to study surface ocean processes.

Ph.D., Ocean and Climate Physics, Expected 2022
M.Phil., 2020
M.A., 2018
Columbia University, New York, New York
Advisor: Christopher J. Zappa

B.S., Oceanography, 2015
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Advisor: H. Paul Johnson

Publications and Presentations

Miller, U. , C. J. Zappa, S.T. Yoon, C. Stevens, W.S. Lee, A. Gordon (2020), A high-resolution process study of High Salinity Shelf Water formation in the Terra Nova Bay Polynya, Ross Sea, Antarctica, Abstract GC116-0001 presented at 2020 Fall Meeting, AGU, Online, 1-17 Dec.

Miller, U. , C. J. Zappa, J. T. Farrar, D. LeBel, R. A. Weller (2020), Scaling turbulence in the ocean boundary layer of the Southeast Pacific Ocean stratus region, Abstract PS11A-03 presented at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, San Diego, CA, 16-21 Dec.

Wurl, O., K. Bird, M. Cunliffe, W. M. Landing, U. Miller, N. I. H. Mustaffa, et al. (2018). Warming and inhibition of salinization at the ocean's surface by cyanobacteria. Geophysical Research Letters , 45, 4230–4237. DOI

Johnson, H. P., U. Miller, M. S. Salmi, E. A. Solomon, (2015). Analysis of bubble plume distributions to evaluate methane hydrate decomposition on the continental slope. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems , 16, 3825-3839. DOI

Hautala, S. L., E. A. Solomon, H. P. Johnson, R. N. Harris, U. Miller (2014). Dissociation of Cascadia margin gas hydrates in response to contemporary ocean warming. Geophysical Research Letters , 41, 8486-8494. DOI

Other Writing

The Ocean Skin Layer

Outside of research...

I really enjoy outreach work, especially when it involves showing young people that scientific research and coding is not just for "geniuses" or solemn-faced men clad in white lab coats! Some things I've been involved in are Girls Who Code @ Columbia University , LDEO Open House and Girls' Science Day at Columbia . I am currently part of pyclub , an effort to introduce local high school students to coding in python through oceanography.

For Open House 2020, I made a fun video about oceanographic research cruises using media that my friends and I have collected while out at sea.

In my free time, I like to learn Korean, bike around NYC, and think about adopting a dog.